Salzburg S Corner

Like our entire Salzburg series, the core of the Salzburg S Corner comprises heat-retaining PowerStone. The core has channels that capture the heat and optimise the utilisation of firewood. The Salzburg S Corner is one of our smallest heat-retaining fires and is perfect for the cabin. Because of its moderate weight, it often requires no extra base to the floor. A practical firewood shelf is available as an accessory.

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Technical Information
Height: 1110 mm
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 416 mm
Efficiency: 84 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Log length: 25 cm
Net weight KG Range: 305 KG*
Nominal output: 2,1 kW
Heat accumulating capacity 25% : 15.6 h
Heat accumulating capacity 50% : 10.2 h
Heat accumulating capacity 100% : 3.9 h
Heavier fireplace - this product requires an extra control of how much weight the floor can withstand.
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