Quadro 1 Exclusive

One of our most popular ovens is now available in two series: Quadro and Quadro Exclusive. All the ovens feature robust angled glass, which provides a particularly good view of the flames from both sides. The Quadro is equally suited to placement against a straight wall or in the corner. The Nordpeis Quadro Exclusive has large, external glass that makes it particularly elegant. The Quadro Exclusive is available with two different bases and includes optional extra tops for heat storage or a concealed flue pipe. The stove can be connected to an external air supply, which should be used in well-insulated houses that have minimal natural ventilation. The Quadro 1 is supplied with a pedestal and has an optional customised floor plate in transparent glass.

Choose accessories

A floor plate is obligatory if the floor is made from a combustible material. This floor plate has been designed for this fireplace. Remember that you must always remove any embers that fall onto the floor plate.

The ash solution comprises a tray that is placed above the combustion plates in the fireplace. The tray comes with a handle and the ash can then be easily removed when you want to empty the oven or stove.

In well-insulated houses with minimum natural ventilation, an insufficient external air supply can lead to underpressure in the room in which the fireplace is located. This can result in poor combustion, poor utilisation of firewood and sooting up of the chimney. Thus, in houses with minimum natural ventilation, we recommend fireplaces that can be connected to an external air supply. The fresh air channel should be designed and made ready at the start of the building’s construction.

Used together with the fresh air supply, during retrofitting of the fireplace, if there is a need for additional air.

Technical Information
Height: 1224 mm
Width: 559 mm
Depth: 462 mm
Efficiency : 80 %
Smoke pipe dimention (mm): 150
Nominal output (kW): 6
Log length: 30 cm
Net Weight KG Range: 104 *
*A normal floor will be able to withstand the weight.