Davos P Low

The Davos P is our fireplace with a panoramic insert.The Davos P has double glazing on all sides. This technology provides optimal combustion, an insert that is easy to use and that keeps the glass cleaner.The Davos P is a fire that you can see through. The large panoramic glass provides a particularly good view of the flames on both sides, as well as from the front. This variant is particularly suitable if you would like to use the fire as a room divider.

Choose accessories
  • A large fire with relatively small heat emission

  • Concrete ShapeStone surrounding

  • Option for heat retention with Powerstone™

  • Clean burning

  • Integrated firewall – can be placed against the wall

Technical Information
Height: 1630 mm
Width: 465 mm
Depth: 927 mm
Efficiency: 78 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Log length: 50 cm
Net weight KG Range: 355 KG*
Heavier fireplace - this product requires an extra control of how much weight the floor can withstand.