Outdoor Fireplace from Nordpeis

Create an atmospheric outdoor environment with an outdoor fireplace from Nordpeis.

Our outdoor fireplaces have sleek or classic designs, emit good heat, and become the natural gathering point in the garden. Additionally, they are functional and work exceptionally well for simple cooking and grilling.

What is an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is a fire feature designed for placement outdoors, typically in a garden, on a terrace, or other outdoor space.

The surround consists of various non-combustible materials. Our precast surrounds are made of reinforced special concrete.

You can use firewood in them, and they emit quick and strong heat during firing, allowing you to enjoy outdoor life even on chilly evenings.

The outdoor fireplaces are equipped with a burning chamber made of delicate light Thermotte, as well as a grill grate and spark screen.

An outdoor fireplace with a tall burning chamber is practical for cooking and also functions as a traditional grill.

Our outdoor fireplaces come in both modern, sleek design or classic design. They are delivered untreated and can be painted or tiled as desired.

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