Nordpeis Cannes

Nordpeis Cannes is a modern and stylish fireplace.

It combines functionality, aesthetics, and personal style in a unique way. Cannes adds a modern touch to the room while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you prefer a minimalist interior or want to add a distinctive element to the room, Nordpeis Cannes will be the ideal choice for you. With its versatility and elegance, this fireplace becomes a timeless addition to any home.

You also have the option to install LED lights in the base of the fireplace, elevating its presence in the room.

News! Now you can choose between variants with wood or biofuel as fuel.

You will always get these benefits:

  • IR-Max provides optimal heating as well as cleaner glass
  • Double glazing - Provide better combustion - even at lower power
  • Great view of the flames
  • Hidden valves in the base, giving it a clean look.
  • Integrated firewall
  • Clean burning
  • Can be painted in the colour of your choice

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