Nordpeis Me

Me is a range of stoves, available in a variety of different configurations, so you can choose the one that suits your style and your home.

Because everyone’s taste is different, we have designed the Me range with a variety of different installation options. If you have little floor space or don’t want a floor-standing stove, you can mount it on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling. If you are seeking the latest in minimalistic design, perhaps the glass plinth is for you?

You will always get these benefits:

  • Unique and personal touch
  • The brushed steel handle provides a nice contrast to the black steel (Accessory)
  • Remove the ash simply and efficiently with the integrated ash drawer
  • The side glass panel is optional
  • Air flushing for cleaner glass
  • Fresh air supply option (DV solution)
  • Clean burning
  • Convection