Nordpeis Salzburg

Heat retaining fireplaces provide both a smoother and more efficient heat. They differ from other types of appliances by releasing heat over a longer time, even after the fire has gone out.

If you heat your house with a heat-storing fireplace, you save both money, the environment and have a more comfortable warmth.

If you want a maximum heat accumulation effect, we recommend our Salzburg model with PowerStone™.

It has been specially developed to absorb heat, even after a short fire. The heat accumulating duct system lets you enjoy a warm home all day long with only two short, hot fires.

You will always get these benefits:

  • Heat storing core in PowerStone™
  • Good view of the flames
  • Low fuelwood consumption and even heating
  • Good combustion for clean glass
  • Clean burning
  • Fresh air supply option
  • Can be painted in the colour of your choice