Nordpeis Wave

The Wave range is a modern variation on the classic fireplace that is so adaptable it will blend seamlessly into your home. The Wave’s timeless structure and design means it fits equally well in a classic or modern home interior. As the light changes, it reflects off the ripple-effect surface in different ways, creating a unique atmosphere in the room.

The Wave range is very versatile and can be tailored in a host of different ways to suit your design preferences. The firebox can be placed high or low; the fireplace can be positioned discreetly against the wall or take a prominent position in the centre of the room. Play around with colours and styles, and paint the fireplace in your favourite shade. New favourite colour? Don’t worry, just give the fireplace a new lick of paint! With a Wave fireplace, you acquire not simply an effective heat source, but an interior design element that makes your home stand out.

The range is equipped with our largest inserts, which provide exceptional views of the dancing flames. Let the fireplace be an exciting interior design feature or use it as a room divider – the choice is yours with Wave.

This series includes the following products:

You will always get these benefits:

  • Smart solutions for safe use
  • Style and colour can be tailored to your home decor
  • Elegant and flexible
  • Huge insert offers exceptional views of the flames
  • Trendsetting design that creates a great atmosphere