Heat accumulation fireplaces

Heat retaining fireplaces provide both a smoother and more efficient heat. They differ from other types of appliances by releasing heat over a longer time, even after the fire has gone out. If you heat your house with a heat-storing fireplace, you save both money, the environment and have a more comfortable warmth.

Liten varmelagrende peis i moderne stue

This is how Nordpeis heat-storing fireplace works

Conventional fireplaces emit intense heat during operation however they cool very quickly. The Nordpeis Salzburg series is based on a long duct to optimally store with heat in the core, which is then emitted over time. The smoke from this series is reduced to just over 100 °C when entering the chimney. The efficiency of a well-constructed, heat retaining fireplace is therefore far above the efficiency of a common fireplace. A Salzburg model can give you heat throughout day with only a few heating cycles.