This is why you should use a clean-burning fireplace

Approximately half of all fireplaces and stoves are currently clean-burning. This means that the fireplace or stove was manufactured after 1998. By switching to a clean-burning fireplace, you save both the environment and your wallet from many expenses.

Benefits of a clean-burning fireplace:

  • Particulate matter emissions from the chimney are reduced by up to 90%
  • It contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Old stoves release more particles into the room
  • You only need half the amount of firewood to generate the same amount of energy as an older fireplace
  • The stove is more efficient, providing more heat from each log
  • It's easier to use and reduces the amount of ash produced
Snittbilde av rentbrennende innsats

By igniting the fire from the top instead of the bottom, emissions are also reduced.