What is heat accumulating PowerStone™?

Nordpeis has been developing PowerStone™ since 2004. PowerStone™ is a concrete mix consisting of crushed Olivine stone, which is specifically designed to absorb heat while the fire is lit, and then release the heat once the fire has burned out.

PowerStone™ can be cast in different shapes and is perfectly suited to modular construction since there is no need for an adhesive. This makes fireplaces with PowerStone™ very easy to install.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to change your fireplace

Takhengt peisovn

We have tested the effectiveness of Powerstone™

In our laboratory in Poland, we set up two fireplaces - both with the same starting point and firing control.

Using an IR camera that measures actual heat release, we were able to document how long our Salzburg R with Powerstone™ stays warm compared to a regular stove with convection heat.

Burn less wood and enjoy more heat

An ordinary fireplace emits a lot of heat while the fire is burning but cools down quickly once the fire dies out.

Traditionally, soapstone has been used for its heat- absorbing properties, but with PowerStone™ we have raised the level a notch.

You can choose a PowerStone™ insert for most of our fireplaces, including the Salzburg-series, Pisa, Praha, Monaco and Cannes. The elements will then store the heat and gradually release it into your home for hours.

Salzburg - our heat accumulating series

If you want a maximum heat accumulation effect, we recommend our Salzburg model with PowerStone™.

It has been specially developed to absorb heat, even after a short fire. The heat accumulating duct system lets you enjoy a warm home all day long with only two short, hot fires.

Warm when you wake up without increasing your electricity bill

Since our fireplace models with PowerStone™ will heat your home for many hours, you will end up using considerably less firewood than in traditional fireplaces. A lovely warm fire after dinner will recharge the PowerStone™ elements and keep your house warm throughout the night. In other words, you don’t have to worry about lowering your thermostat at night, and you can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature when you wake up in the morning – at no additional cost.

With Powerstone™ and Salzburg it is still warm when you wake up.

With a heat accumulating fireplace, you can enjoy:

  • Lower electricity bills. A fireplace that heats your home even when it’s not in use means less need for electric heating
  • Lower firewood consumption. With shorter fires, you will use less firewood and get more heat for your money
  • Increased comfort. Forget about chilly mornings. If you’re smart in the way you use your PowerStone™ fireplace, you will enjoy an even and pleasant indoor temperature around the clock