Salzburg XL

The Nordpeis Salzburg XL is the largest of our heat-retaining fires.Heat-retaining fires distinguish themselves from other fires by providing heat over an extended period, including at the end of heating. The Salzburg has a long channel system with an absorbent core in PowerStone, providing a really pleasant and effective heating. With just a few heating cycles, the Salzburg provides heat 24/7. If you heat your house with a heat-retaining fire, you will save both money and the environment. The Salzburg XL can be supplied with additional elements for a higher variant and can also be connected to an external air supply.

Choose accessories
  • Heat retaining core.

    Like our entire Salzburg series, the core of the fire comprises heat-retaining PowerStone. The core has channels that capture the heat and optimise the utilisation of firewood.

  • Good view of the flames

    Attractive insert with view of the flames.

  • Clean burning

    All our fires and stoves are clean burning. By switching to a clean-burning fireplace, you will benefit both the environment and your bank balance.

  • Additional elements

    Option to build a higher model using an additional element.

  • Fresh air supply

    This product is equipped with a connection pipe that the installer can connect to an external air supply. Modern houses with minimal natural ventilation require an external air supply to ensure that the fireplace burns optimally.

Technical Information
Height: 1655 mm
Width: 1150 mm
Depth: 615 mm
Efficiency: 87.6 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Log length: 50 cm
Net weight KG Range: 1330 KG*
Nominal output: 3,9 kW
Heat accumulating capacity 25% : 22.6 h
Heat accumulating capacity 50% : 10.6 h
Heat accumulating capacity 100% : 6.7 h
Heat accumulating capacity (+1) 25% : 21.7 h
Heat accumulating capacity (+1) 50% : 10.4 h
Heat accumulating capacity (+1) 100% : 6.9 h
Heavier fireplace - this product requires an extra control of how much weight the floor can withstand.
Energy label