Dimensions and technical details of fireplace and stove

At first glance, our product pages provide you with a thorough overview of standard measurements and technical details. These are essential when considering the fireplace's or stove's placement and compatibility with your home.

Height, width, depth

First, we present information about the fireplace's or stove's height, width, and depth. This is to help you visualize the dimensions and find the perfect space for your new fireplace or stove.


The weight indication also provides valuable insight. Our modular fireplaces are easy to transport and assemble. However, they can also be heavy and require special floor reinforcement, something you should be aware of. Our dedication to modular design not only provides easier logistics but also greater flexibility to customize the unit to your needs. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of the total weight, especially if adjustments to the floor structure are necessary

The Salzburg series, our heat-retaining fireplaces, keeps the room warm for up to 20 hours after firing. This is among our heavier fireplaces - requiring an extra check of how much weight the floor can bear.

The Me Steel is a lighter stove and is the design version of the Me series. This is also available in all RAL colors for an additional cost. With its lower weight, a normal floor will be able to handle the weight just fine.

Firewood length

In addition to these technical specifications, we also present information about the firewood length the unit is designed for. This gives you a clear indication of the size of the combustion chamber and how much firewood you can place in the unit. Knowing the firewood length is crucial to ensure efficient combustion and maximum heat output.

Davos, one of our largest fireplaces, accommodates firewood lengths of up to 50 cm. Here you will find all our fireplaces.

Duo, one of our stylish stoves, accommodates firewood lengths of up to 30 cm. Here you can read about our stoves

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