Bergen is an elegant fireplace with sophisticated details. All models burn wood cleanly and for a long time. Secondary combustion burns wood as efficiently as possible.

Choose accessories
  • Cast iron

    The cast-iron oven offers optimal heat retention, as well as a lot of character and tradition.

  • Fresh air supply

    This product is equipped with a connection pipe that the installer can connect to an external air supply. Modern houses with minimal natural ventilation require an external air supply to ensure that the fireplace burns optimally.

Technical Information
Height: 653 mm
Width: 545 mm
Depth: 399 mm
Efficiency: 84.8 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 155 mm
Log length: 40 cm
Net weight KG Range: 110 KG*
Nominal output: 5 kW
A normal floor will be able to withstand the weight.
Energy label