• Takhengt peisovn i moderne stue
  • Sideglass gir godt innsyn til flammene

Me Ceiling with side glass

The Nordpeis Me Ceiling is our first ceiling mounted stove. It hangs like a piece of jewellery from the ceiling and will be an eye-catcher in any home.

Choose accessories

With an extender, the Me Ceiling can be up to three metres long.

A floor plate is obligatory if the floor is made from a combustible material. This floor plate has been designed for this fireplace. Remember that you must always remove any embers that fall onto the floor plate.

  • Unique

    The Me wood-burning stove is a unique series of stoves that give a personal touch to the room.

  • Ceiling mounted

    The Me Ceiling is our first ceiling mounted stove and hangs like a piece of jewellery from the ceiling.

  • Clean burning

    All our fires and stoves are clean burning. By switching to a clean-burning fireplace, you will benefit both the environment and your bank balance.

  • Air flushing

    Fresh air is let in through a channel in the upper edge of the glass, flowing evenly down the glass in the hot combustion chamber. The clean air prevents the flue gases making contact with and sooting up the glass. It also helps to control the intensity of the fire.

  • Fresh air supply

    This product is equipped with a connection pipe that the installer can connect to an external air supply. Modern houses with minimal natural ventilation require an external air supply to ensure that the fireplace burns optimally.

Technical Information
Width: 520 mm
Depth: 340 mm
Efficiency : 79 %
Smoke pipe dimention (mm): 150
Nominal output (kW): 5,8
Log length: 37 cm