Nordpeis Cannes is a modern, stylish fireplace. Its tight framing makes it an elegant, eye-catching part of any room. With glass on three sides, this fireplace gives you a great view of the fire. Cannes comes in unpainted concrete, but the surface can be painted in whatever colour best suits your room. You also have the option to install LED lights in the base of the fireplace, elevating its presence in the room.
H x W x D1603 x 560 x 452 mm
Log length40 cm
Efficiency83 %
Nominal output5.7 kW
Weight261 kg

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H x W x D1603 x 560 x 452 mm
Log length40 cm
Efficiency83 %
Nominal output5.7 kW
Weight261 kg
Product highlights

IR Max

Our latest technology ensures both easy and optimal wood burning, as well as cleaner glass

Double glazing

Our new N-21 Exclusive inserts are double-glazed, meaning they provide even better combustion – even at low power

Great view of the flames

The high-quality, angled inserts provide an excellent view of the fireplace. Having the glass on the sides of the fireplace also means that you’ll be able to see the fire from various angles

Hidden valves

The valves on the Cannes model are hidden in the base, giving it a clean look.

Integrated firewall

Due to the integrated firewall at the back, the fireplace can be placed directly against any wall, even if it’s made of flammable material, making the fireplace easier to install

Technical data
Log length40cm
Nominal output5.7kW
Smoke pipe dimension150mm
Stove chimney connection Back, Top
Visibility Front and side
Placing Straight wall
Inserts N-21U Exclusive
* A normal floor will be able to withstand the weight.
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