S-31A Exclusive

The S-31A Exclusive is an angled insert for the large, external glass. The angular insert comes without joints, meaning that the fire will be visible from two sides of the room.The insert is also fitted with a cold handle, with a soft-touch finish, so it won’t get hot when the fire is lit – making it both safe and easy to load the firewood. The inside of the insert is clad with Nordpeis’ proprietary Thermotte insulation plates, which as well as being strong and very insulating, also gives them a bright and delicate appearance.

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  • Additional details

    The external glass and door handles are available in either soft touch-finish or wood

  • Great view of the fire

    The high-quality, angled inserts provide an excellent view of the fireplace. Having the glass on the sides of the fireplace also means that you’ll be able to see the fire from various angles

  • Heat storage options

    The S-31A can be combined with the PowerStone™ for a heightened heat-storage

  • Air flushing for cleaner glass

    Clean air is let in via a channel at the top of the glass, which flushes like a curtain down the glass in the hot combustion chamber. The clean air prevents the flue gases from coming into contact with the glass and leaving soot deposits. This also helps control the intensity of the fire.

  • Fresh air supply

    This product is equipped with a connection socket where the installer can connect external air. In modern airtight houses, external air is required to make the fireplace burn optimally

Technical Information
Height: 731 - 743 mm
Width: 414 mm
Depth: 414 mm
Efficiency: 80 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Log length: 30 cm
Net weight KG Range: 85 KG*
Nominal output: 6 kW
A normal floor will be able to withstand the weight.
Energy label