Stove from Nordpeis

A stylish and practical wood-burning stove from Nordpeis provides the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Our wood-burning stoves have long-standing traditions wrapped in modern, sturdy design. For many, a wood-burning stove is associated with cabin coziness, childhood homes, and nostalgia. When it comes to cabins and homes that require quick heating, the wood-burning stove is still a winner.

What is a wood-burning stove?

Traditionally, a wood-burning stove is a cast iron stove created for practical purposes.

It emits rapid and strong heat during firing and cools down relatively quickly after use.

A stove often has high surface heat. Therefore, many traditional stoves also have a cooking plate on top so that the heat can be utilized for cooking.

The original wood-burning stove was often small and compact, while today they come in various sizes and designs.

Many of them have a glass front that provides a good view of the flames. Some also come with side glass panels.

In terms of design, wood-burning stoves have also undergone a revolution. Today, they are elegant and stylish while still possessing the same great qualities.

Clean-burning stoves

Our focus on clean and efficient combustion is also reflected in our stoves. All of our stoves are designed with innovative technology and are clean-burning. This results in minimal smoke and gas emissions. The gases and particles in the smoke are converted into heat, and the air released is clean and almost particle-free.

With our stoves, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly experience without worrying about pollution or harmful emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Read more about why you can enjoy the warmth from one of our stoves with a clear conscience for the environment.

Quadro Colorado Exclusive has straight and modern lines and can be placed against a straight wall or in a corner.