Duo 6

The top and sides of the Nordpeis Duo 6 are covered in specially selected soapstone. The traditional soapstone gives the wood-burning stove an elegant appearance and the base has a practical compartment with a door. This stove takes up minimal floor space and is suitable for corners, against a straight wall or freestanding in the room. Air flushing of the glass and a light combustion chamber provide a particularly delicate view of the flames. The stove can be connected to an external air supply, which should be used in well-insulated houses that have minimal natural ventilation. 
H x W x D1275 x 475 x 365 mm
Log length30 cm
Efficiency80.4 %
Nominal output5 kW
Weight150 kg
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H x W x D1275 x 475 x 365 mm
Log length30 cm
Efficiency80.4 %
Nominal output5 kW
Weight150 kg
Product highlights


The top and sides of the Duo 6 are covered in specially selected soapstone, providing an elegant appearance.

Good view of the flames

The Duo 1 has side glass offering a good view of the flames and a pedestal column.

Clean burning

All our fires and stoves are clean burning. By switching to a clean-burning fireplace, you will benefit both the environment and your bank balance.

Air flushing

Fresh air is let in through a channel in the upper edge of the glass, flowing evenly down the glass in the hot combustion chamber. The clean air prevents the flue gases making contact with and sooting up the glass. It also helps to control the intensity of the fire.

Fresh air supply

This product is equipped with a connection pipe that the installer can connect to an external air supply. Modern houses with minimal natural ventilation require an external air supply to ensure that the fireplace burns optimally.

Technical data
Log length30cm
Nominal output5kW
Smoke pipe dimension150mm
Stove chimney connection Back
Placing Corner, Freestanding, Straight wall
* A normal floor will be able to withstand the weight.
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