Nordpeis Quadro

Nordpeis Quadro is a popular range of stoves in a breath-taking shape that provides a fantastic view of the flames.

The stoves come in several different models, all with a clean, minimalistic design. They can be placed against a straight wall, in a corner or free-standing in any room. The Quadro range has a large, angled glass window that maximises your view of the flames. And if you want an exclusive look, you can choose a model with external-mounted glass for added elegance.

You can choose between designs in steel or two different types of our Colorado concrete: Quadro Colorado has a smooth surface that accentuates the colours of the sand finish, while Quadro Colorado Exclusive’s design features narrow grooves inspired by the lines of winter, and which gives your fireplace a look all of its own.

You will always get these benefits:

  • Modern, clean and minimalistic design
  • A large glass door offers a great view of the flames
  • Elevated combustion chamber
  • Placement friendly
  • Choose from different body designs and materials
  • Option for heat storage with PowerStone™
  • Fresh air supply option
  • Clean burning