Easier ignition and less soot with IR glass

Although the primary task of the fireplace is to heat your home, for many the atmosphere created by the fire is just as important. With IR glass, there will be more time spent on enjoying the fire and less time spent on maintenance.

What is IR glass?

IR glass is glass that is treated with a unique reflective material. When the glass reflects the heat back into the combustion chamber, the temperature increases and the combustion process becomes more efficient. The hotter and more efficient the stove works, the more exhaust gases are burned, with higher soot burning temperatures being reached. You get more heat from your wood, glass that requires less cleaning and a better view of the flames.

Advantages of IR glass

  • Easier ignition
  • More efficient combustion that provides good heat quickly
  • Less soot, which means less need for cleaning
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced distance requirements for combustible materials

Does the type of glass make any difference to the ignition?

Fireplace inserts with IR glass are easier to light. When the glass reflects heat into the combustion chamber, the temperature increases and the correct operating temperature is achieved faster. This means that you can spend less time lighting the fire and more time enjoying the flames.

Are there several types of IR glass?

In our inserts we use two different types of IR glass: Max IR and Supermax IR.

Max IR is our standard IR glass that possesses the qualities mentioned above: optimal combustion, an insert that is easier to use and less soot.

Supermax IR is standard IR glass with superpowers. This glass reflects significantly more heat back than the standard glass.

Does the glass have a bearing on the level of emissions?

Clean-burning stoves are often highlighted as an environmentally friendly heat source. With both Max IR and Supermax IR, you get a more efficient combustion process that reduces the amount of harmful emissions by more quickly reaching a temperature where the exhaust gases burn.

Does IR glass have other advantages?

IR glass makes the fireplace more position-friendly as the glass provides reduced distance requirements for combustible materials.

What fireplace models have IR glass?

The following inserts come with Max IR glass:

- Inserts in the N-29 series (inserts for the Davos series)
- N-21 Exclusive (inserts for the Praha, Pisa, Cannes, Osaka T and Stockholm)

The following inserts come with Supermax IR glass:

- Q-34 series (inserts for the Monaco series)
- Q-24UL (insert for the Capri)