Northstar concrete paint for fireplaces

Our fireplaces come in untreated concrete, and therefore the finish can vary from product to product. If you want a smoother surface with a concrete look, we recommend painting the fireplace with Northstar concrete paint for fireplaces.

Fireplace paint is a concrete product that is applied as paint. When mixed with water it creates a matt concrete-like look. Fireplace paint can be used on concrete/plaster, brick and gypsum board and is intended for indoor use.

The surface to be painted must be free of loose particles, dust and grease. Cracks and holes must be repaired with suitable filler or acrylic. The surface must also be well wetted before the paint is applied. Non-
absorbent materials do not need to be pre-wetted.

The fireplace paint is mixed with water (use a drill with a paint whisk). Mix for a minimum of 2 minutes until the mixture is free of lumps. Let the mixture stand for 4-5 minutes and then mix it again for about one minute. The water can be reduced slightly if you want a thicker mixture for more texture.

Apply with a broad brush or roller. A foam roller provides the smoothest result, while a brush creates different shading effects. The fireplace paint should be easy to apply and running must be avoided. The paint will have a different appearance depending on how it is applied. The paint is applied from corner to corner, wet-on-wet. Normally, one coat will give the desired surface finish. If several coats are to be applied, wait for 6-8 hours then wet the surface again before the next coat is applied. The surface and air temperature must not be lower than 10 oC. Do not apply the fireplace paint to hot concrete or in strong sunlight. The pot-life is 90-120 minutes. Tools can be cleaned in water.