New fireplace? We recommend one with convection technology!

Convection heat - fireplace and stove warmth that heats the whole room.

Convective heat is the heat flow achieved through using a stove or fireplace with double walls.

Convection heating works like this: air is heated in the space between the double walls causing it to expand and rise, causing cool air to be drawn in at the bottom of the appliance. The warm air then ‘blows’ through the top grates and opening into the room. Heat spreads faster around the room / residence rather than only radiating directly around the stove in a single walled stove or fireplace. When using a single walled appliance (cast iron products) one achieves an extreme heat around the stove, while the other side of the room remains cold and unaffected.

Illustrasjon av konveksjonsvarme som varmer opp hele rommet
Illustrasjon av konveksjonsvarme som varmer opp hele rommet

All fireplaces with insert are convection fireplaces. Most cast iron stoves on the market today do not have a solution for convection heating. Nordpeis strongly recommend stoves with convection – they provide increased comfort with uniform heat throughout the room.