The round wood burning stove Me Design protected in Europe

“It is important to us that the Me wood burning stove has design protection in Europe. Even the name is protected within the category of fireplaces. This gives the product a much higher value and ensures that no one can copy us”, says Stian Varre, general manager at Nordpeis AS.

“Me stands out in terms of both form and design, and we wanted to take ownership of the round shape. That is why we have design protection in Europe, so that other fireplace suppliers cannot replicate this success. We have also protected the name Me”, says Varre.

High value

“Design protection is important regarding our market opportunities. It is crucial in terms of both marketing, branding and sales. Me has become our foremost design icon, and we are now really looking forward to what’s to come”, says Stian Varre.

The wood burning stove Me is design protected in Europe and its name is protected within the category of fireplaces.

Several variants

The round stove is available in several variants. The wood burning stove can be suspended from the ceiling, it can be stood on the floor and it can be mounted on the wall. Therefore, it is easy to incorporate into any interior.