Genève P – tall, stylish and with smart details

The playful and stylish Genève P has an elevated firebox with glass on three sides, providing excellent views of the flames no matter where you are in the room.

Bilde av Geneve P i en lys stue

Geneve P

Bilde av Geneve P High i en lys stue

Geneve P High

The combination of double-glazed panels and IR Max technology keeps the glass clean, while optimising the combustion process and allowing you to easily adjust the heat output.

Are you looking for an eye-catching fireplace that is guaranteed to impress your dinner guests? Then the Genève P High is the perfect choice! This floor-to-ceiling fireplace has an elevated firebox and gives the room a modern and exclusive look, while creating a wonderful ambience.

Both the Genève P and the Genève P High have an integrated firewall, so you can install the fireplace directly against a wall or use it as a room divider. These models are also equipped with several smart details, such as a self-closing door with a stop function. This makes it safer both to light the fire and top up with logs during use.

And if you add heat-retaining Powerstone™ elements, the fireplace will retain the heat for hours after the fire has gone out. In this way, you can look forward to waking up to a warm home, even on cold winter mornings.

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