Nordpeis SmartFire

Discover our latest innovation from Nordpeis! We are now introducing wood stoves with advanced automatic regulation of the combustion air. With this sensor-driven technology, lighting the fire becomes effortless.

Optimizing air supply

Forget about the time-consuming and imprecise manual adjustments when lighting the fire. Our sensor-driven regulation, SmartFire, optimizes air supply automatically during firing, ensuring cleaner and more efficient combustion, offering a multitude of benefits - both for the environment and your budget.

Simple and convenient

SmartFire, our sensor-driven regulation of the combustion air is designed to make it simple and convenient to use your wood stove. The innovative sensor monitors the temperature inside the stove and adjusts the airflow as needed during firing, reducing energy loss and improving the performance of the wood stove.

How SmartFire works:

You light the fire in your fireplace as usual and set the airflow to maximum opening. When the fireplace reaches the optimal temperature, the airflow is automatically adjusted to maintain optimal combustion throughout the heating period. It can also be manually controlled if desired.

Good for health and the environment

Our tests show a significant reduction in organic gas compounds (OGC) and burn velocity during firing in addition to increased efficiency. These results lead to a range of benefits, including:

Cleaner combustion: Organic gas compounds can contribute to the formation of soot and other pollutants during the combustion process. By reducing these compounds, we achieve cleaner combustion, resulting in less soot and particles being emitted into the air.

Improved air quality: Reduced emissions of organic gas compounds lead to an improvement in air quality both indoors and in the surrounding environment. This is especially important for individuals with respiratory problems or allergies, as decreased pollutants can help reduce respiratory illnesses.

Increased efficiency: By optimizing the combustion process and reducing the loss of organic gases, we can achieve a more efficient use of energy from the wood or fuel used in the fireplace.

This can help reduce energy consumption and consequently the costs of heating.

Reduced burn velocity: Reducing burn velocity in a fireplace can lead to greater efficiency, longer burn times, lower emissions, and increased heat retention.

Thus resulting in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating option.

With the sensor strategically placed in the stove and easy manual override when needed, our wood stoves offer a unique combination of efficiency, sustainability, and user-friendliness.

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