Thermotte™ - Insulation Panels for Firebox

Thermotte is an insulation material for the firebox developed by Nordpeis. It is an advanced refractory material designed specifically for combustion chambers, the result of our innovative research and development (R&D) work. Thermotte has undergone extensive testing and is approved to withstand temperatures up to 1280 ºC.


The insulation material Thermotte™ boasts several remarkable features, including a smooth surface without cracks and a uniform color throughout the product. Thermotte panels fit perfectly without the risk of twisting or shrinking.

The insulation values of Thermotte are optimized to enhance combustion efficiency, and independent tests conducted by regulatory experts have shown that Thermotte outperforms similar products on the market.


Discover a new world of style with our exclusive and innovative Thermotte – now available in both light and dark finishes on selected models! This exciting opportunity gives you greater freedom of choice, as well as the ability to customize the appearance of your fireplace or stove entirely to your liking.

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