Fireplace from Nordpeis

A fireplace from Nordpeis is the elegant and modern way to embrace coziness and warmth. Our sleek and innovative design combines functionality and style to create the perfect fireplace in your home.

What is a fireplace?

A fireplace is an arrangement where an insert is normally placed within a surround.

The surround can consist of various non-combustible materials and provides convection heat. Our precast surrounds are made of reinforced special concrete.

A surround usually provides a larger amount of convection heat than a stove because the channels through which air flows are significantly larger.

Many associate the word "fireplace" with something large and heavy that takes up a lot of space in the room and emits little heat.

Modern surrounds are smaller, take up less floor space, are placement-friendly, and provide excellent heat.

Fireplaces come in different sizes and shapes, and heat distribution varies depending on the different inserts.

Clean-burning fireplaces

Our fireplaces are designed with a focus on efficiency and heat performance. Using advanced technology and materials, they ensure maximum combustion and efficient heat transfer to the room. You can now enjoy more sustainable and energy-efficient heating without compromising on style or comfort.

All our fireplaces are clean-burning and release minimal smoke and gases. The gases and particles in the smoke are converted into heat, and the air released is clean and almost particle-free.

Where we previously experienced heat loss from old, impractical open fireplaces with removable grates, we now have fireplaces that emit less while providing more heat and consuming less wood.

Read more about why you can enjoy the warmth from one of our fireplaces with a clear conscience for the environment.

Capri is a sleek fireplace with a practical lift-and-slide door. Flames visible from 3 sides.