Insert from Nordpeis

A stylish and practical insert from Nordpeis is the perfect starting point if you want to build your own fireplace.

Our inserts are of high quality, efficient, and clean-burning. Nordpeis delivers only clean-burning fireplaces with efficient secondary combustion, providing more heat and fewer particle emissions. Most fireplace inserts can be directly connected to fresh air, making them work just as well in tight, modern homes as in older houses and cabins.

What is an insert?

A fireplace insert is the actual combustion chamber in the fireplace. The fireplace insert is used for masonry if you want to design your own fireplace.

Inside the combustion chamber, we use lightweight Thermotte™, which produces an extra fine and delicate flame pattern.

Thermotte is very durable and impact-resistant, developed in a compact material that limits soot and discoloration.


Insulation plates are subject to a lot of wear and tear and are expected to wear out over time. With proper firing, Thermotte naturally burns clean and remains bright and beautiful for many years.

Our fireplace inserts are equipped with air wash, so the glass is cleaned by high temperature.

Inserts are available in various heights, shapes, and with different glass solutions for viewing the flames.

Our inserts

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N-21A Exclusive left
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N-21F Exclusive
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N-29A left
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Q-34AL left dark Thermotte
Q-34AL left light Thermotte
Q-34AL right dark Thermotte
Q-34AL right light Thermotte
Q-34UL dark Thermotte
Q-34UL light Thermotte
S-31A Exclusive

Clean-burning inserts

Our focus on clean and efficient combustion is reflected in our inserts. They are all designed with innovative technology and burn clean, resulting in minimal smoke and gas emissions. The gases and particles in the smoke are converted into heat. The emitted air is clean and almost free of particles.

Our inserts allow you to enjoy an environmentally friendly experience without worrying about pollution or harmful emissions. Together, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Read more about why you can enjoy the warmth of one of our stoves with a clear conscience for the environment.

Insert Q34 AL