Nordpeis YoU

In collaboration with designers at Eggs, we have developed a fireplace series with clean lines, rounded shapes, and exclusive details. Nordpeis YoU is a fireplace that combines aesthetics with function and technology.

With its clean lines and rounded edges, YoU creates a soft visual expression that adds a beautiful design element to any interior. This fireplace series provides both warmth and aesthetics in one. The high combustion chamber features large glass windows for a clear view, and practical features such as sensor-controlled ignition, self-closing door, and integrated ash drawer, combining practicality and aesthetics in functional harmony.

YoU come in various models, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences, whether wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, or floor-placed. Regardless of the model, the You series offers an impressive flame display while taking up minimal space in the room. Choose between a light or dark combustion chamber to personalize the fireplace to your style.

You will always get these benefits:

  • Large glass windows for a clear view of flames
  • Nordpeis SmartFire for optimal combustion
  • Safe burning with the self-closing and self-locking door
  • Choose between light or dark combustion chamber
  • Remove the ash simply and efficiently with the integrated ash drawer
  • Supermax IR sideglass
  • Fresh air supply option (DV solution)
  • Grooved rear wall for an exclusive look

This series includes the following products: