What does the information on our product pages mean?

Welcome to our guide through the world of fireplaces and stoves!

On each of our product pages, we provide an overview of essential information to help you navigate the jungle of choices. This is to assist you in finding the perfect fireplace or stove that suits your needs.

Nordpeis Pisa - elegant and stylish. The product page provides detailed information about the fireplace.

Our product pages

The information presented on our product pages represents a general and cautious estimate that provides an indication of what you can expect from the fireplace or stove. By customizing these calculations to your specific housing conditions, you can optimize the heating experience while achieving efficiency and comfort according to your individual needs and preferences.

The starting point

Our starting point is an average Norwegian house. Variables such as age, ceiling height, room layout, and insulation level are taken into account. This provides a basic guideline to help you choose the fireplace or stove that fits your home's specific conditions.

For example, if you live in an older house with drafts and high ceilings, or have a home with multiple floors without the possibility of separating them, you would likely want to choose a fireplace with a higher calculated heating area. Here, one of our larger fireplaces or stoves, such as Davos, could be a good option.

This takes into account the need to distribute heat more effectively through larger and possibly less insulated areas.

On the other hand, if you have a small, well-insulated living room, it may be appropriate to reduce the calculated heating area to avoid it becoming too hot. In this case, one of our smaller fireplaces or stoves, such as Odense, may fit well.

This gives you control over the heat level and ensures that the fireplace or stove is proportional to the room's size and insulation ability.

Davos A Low - with double glass on the sides and front

The article series

Are you looking for warmth, style, or the perfect combination of both? This article series guides you through the information found on the product pages. You'll gain insight into what each element means. This makes it easier for you when making decisions and finding your ideal choice. Thus, you can easily make informed decisions and get the most out of your fireplace or stove experience. Also, see tips on how to calculate the heat requirement in your living room or house.

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