Nominal heat output of fireplace and stove

The nominal heat output indicates the maximum heat output the fireplace or stove is designed to produce under normal conditions.

Normal conditions

For a fireplace or stove, "normal conditions" may include the following factors:

Optimal fuel type: Use of the recommended or common fuel that the unit is designed for. This may include specific types of firewood and its moisture content or fuel type according to the unit's specifications.

Correct installation: The fireplace or stove is installed in accordance with our guidelines, including proper placement, ventilation, and chimney installation.

Regular maintenance: The calculation assumes regular cleaning and maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Normal humidity levels: Operation under normal levels of humidity.

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Nordpeis Cannes - a modern and stylish fireplace

Nominal heat output

The nominal heat output indicates the recommended heat output the fireplace or stove is designed to produce under normal conditions. It represents the expected amount of heat generated when the fireplace or stove burns with its best possible combustion in terms of efficiency and emissions. This number gives you an idea of how suitable the unit is for heating the room.

Optimal load is defined within the power range where the fireplace burns with the lowest emissions and highest efficiency. For example, if the fireplace has a nominal output of 5 kilowatts, it means it produces approximately 5 kilowatts when burned with the specified amount of wood and air as described in the manual.

Note that the actual heat production depends on the amount of fuel and the moisture content of the fuel. However, the nominal output provides a useful reference for comparing different fireplaces or stoves when selecting one that suits your needs. See how to best calculate the heat requirement for your house.

Den lille ovnen Orion i en koselig stue

Orion - a small cast iron stove that fits well in cabins and smaller homes. Nominal output 3 kW.

Davos P i en fin stue. Med høy varmeeffekt

Davos P - one of our best-selling, largest fireplaces. This has a heat output of 10.5 kW.

Worth noting

By deviating from normal conditions, such as using unsuitable fuel, lack of maintenance, or excessive loading, the performance and efficiency of the fireplace or stove can be affected. It is therefore important to follow our guidelines and recommendations to achieve optimal performance and lifespan for the fireplace or stove. Read here how to best maintain the fireplace and prepare it for the heating season.

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