Power outage - what happens if the power goes out?

Many electricity consumers have experienced power outages ranging from a few minutes to several hours in the past few days. This becomes critical, especially when the weather is extremely cold. Severe cold weather tends to impact power availability due to issues such as overloading and circuit breakages. It can be frightening and challenging to be in a situation where you risk losing power as temperatures drop. In such situations, having a wood-burning stove in the house can be vital.

Do you know how long you can manage without electricity at home?

Below, we list some reasons why you should consider wood burning as a valuable resource for emergency situations:

Independence from the power grid:

Periods of cold weather can lead to overloading of the power grid, causing faults, downtime, or restrictions. Wood burning provides the ability to generate heat without relying on the power grid. This can be crucial during power outages, natural disasters, or other emergency situations.

Primary or secondary heat source:

Extended periods of cold can lead to equipment failure or line breaks due to ice and snow on power lines. A wood-burning stove can then become the only source of heat in these periods. During cold weather, alternative types of power production, such as solar and wind energy, may also be reduced. In such cases, wood burning can serve as a backup heat source.

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Davos P is one of our largest and best-selling fireplaces. With panoramic views and double glass, it is elegant and stylish while quickly heating up a large area. The fireplaces in the Davos series are powerful and can be a good safety measure during a potential power outage. Learn more about our fireplaces.

Takhengt peisovn

Nordpeis Origo is ideal for emergencies, providing reliable heat with natural fuel. The Origo series is easy to install and user-friendly, and its compact size makes it suitable for various rooms. With its reliable performance and carefully designed features, Nordpeis Origo is a reliable choice for emergency heat. Learn more about our stoves.

Cooking and boiling water:

Wood stoves can be used for cooking in addition to heating. This can be essential when other cooking methods are not available. Additionally, it is recommended to have extra supplies of clean water, as it doesn't take long for tap water to have quality problems. With a wood-burning stove, you can boil water if you don't have electricity.

Liten varmelagrende peis i moderne stue

Salzburg S can be supplied with an additional top plate suitable for both cooking and keeping coffee warm, making it perfect. Like several other models in the Salzburg series, a grill grate can also be added, providing even more cooking options. Salzburg is our series of heat-retaining fireplaces, keeping the room warm for up to 20 hours.

Takhengt peisovn

Orion is one of our most popular wood stoves and is well-suited as an emergency stove. It also has a cooking plate on top, making it even more functional by easily keeping coffee warm, melting snow, or performing simple cooking. It heats up quickly, is compact, and takes up little space.

Availability and sustainability:

Wood is often readily available and can be a sustainable resource when harvested responsibly. It can be a stable source of heat in situations where other energy sources are limited. In a crisis situation, one can go out and gather more wood if needed.

To benefit from wood burning as an emergency resource, it is important to have a functional wood stove, sufficient wood storage, and the necessary equipment for safe use. It is also crucial to follow fire safety rules and ensure that the stove is installed and maintained correctly.

Clean-burning fireplaces and stoves:

By switching to a modern, clean-burning fireplace or stove, you can reduce emissions while getting more heat.

With a clean-burning fireplace or stove, 80 percent of the energy from the wood will provide room heat. Learn more about clean-burning fireplaces and stoves.

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An open fireplace solution is often cold and challenging to use in cold weather. Make your open fireplace safer and more efficient by closing it. Our cassette solutions can be the answer for those with an open hearth.

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