Davos P High

The Davos P High is our fireplace with a panoramic insert.The Davos P is a fire that you can see through. The large panoramic glass provides a particularly good view of the flames on both sides, as well as from the front. This variant of the Davos series is particularly suitable if you would like to use the fire as a room divider. The Davos P High has double glazing on all sides. This technology provides optimal combustion, an insert that is easy to use and that keeps the glass clean.

Choose accessories
  • A large fire with relatively small heat emission

  • Option for heat retention with Powerstone™

  • Clean burning

  • Integrated firewall – can be placed against the wall

Technical Information
Height: 2383 mm
Width: 464 mm
Depth: 927 mm
Efficiency: 78 %
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Log length: 50 cm
Net weight KG Range: 453 KG*
Heavier fireplace - this product requires an extra control of how much weight the floor can withstand.