The story of the dream (stove) cabin

On the beautiful island of Bjerkøya in Sande, Vestfold, lives Ivar, 56 years old, and Jeanette, 54 years old. They have two children, aged 28 and 30, and two grandchildren, soon to be 3 and 6 years old.

A few years ago, they began to dream of acquiring a mountain cabin. They sat down and made a list of their "must-have" criteria. At the top of this list was the wood stove. For Ivar and Jeanette, it was essential that the cabin should have a cozy atmosphere and that the stove should provide warmth through cold winter nights.

The Purchase

After countless viewings and searches for the perfect cabin, they found themselves in a show cabin at Telemarkhytter. It was love at first sight! The cabin had everything they dreamed of, and when they saw the stove in the show cabin, they were simply sold.

"We were recommended to explore a plot at Turufjell, a place we had never heard of. When we arrived there, we knew right away that this was the place for our dream cabin. On a sunny September day in 2020, we bought our "dream plot" in less than an hour," Jeanette could tell.

Takhengt peisovn

Eye catcher

"Then followed a process of countless choices, but when it came to the stove, we were never in doubt. We knew exactly what we wanted - a modern wood stove that would be a showstopper and create the perfect atmosphere in our cabin. We had already seen it in a show cabin and knew it was the stove we wanted."

The stove in question is a Quadro Colorado - an exclusive stove with a clear view of the flames that takes up little space in the room. With its smooth surface and play of colors, it exudes quality and elegance. And with its tall firebox and large glass panels, it provides an exclusive expression.


The Heart of the Cabin

Two years later, in late summer 2022, the keys were finally in hand! Jeanette and Ivar couldn't have been happier with the cabin and the location, not to mention the fireplace.

The Nordpeis Quadro does more than just heat up the cabin quickly and efficiently. It truly is the heart of our cabin - a natural focal point that keeps us warm throughout the winter evenings.

"Watching the flames dance from all sides gives a sense of peace and coziness, and it's always the first thing we do when we arrive at the cabin; light the fireplace and enjoy the moment together."

- Jeanette.

Jeanette has the Instagram profile @villahimmelblaa where she showcases her life at the cabin and at home, including her beautiful stove.

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