Latest news! Me Steel – now in your favourite colour!

The ever-popular Me Steel is one of our best-selling wood-burning stoves. Its eye-catching yet elegant design lends a highly personal touch to any room. The Me series of wood-burning stoves from Nordpeis comes in a variety of different models and materials. You can order the Me Steel with or without side glass panels.

We are now offering the Me Steel in any RAL colour you choose

Me Steel – Now in your favourite colour!

Choose a colour that fits your own personal style and home decor

More and more of us want to express our unique personalities. We want to create our own styles and, after a period when fashion dictated white or grey interiors, we have rediscovered the joy of furniture and fittings in bolder colours. Colour has an impact on our mood and helps to create a happy and harmonious home. Why not let your stove contribute to the fresh look you want to create?

Add a splash of contrasting colour

By choosing a colour that contrasts with your walls and furniture, the room will always have a bright focal point – even when the fire is not lit. The Me Steel in the colour of your choice will elevate your interior like a piece of functional modern art.

Exciting, innovative and highly decorative.

Pick out an accent colour

Choose a colour that matches some of your furnishings. This creates a fantastic overall impression in your living room and brings everything together.

Modern, beautiful and incredibly stylish.

More of the same

Choose a single colour for the room and explore its depths. Keep to shades within the same colour palette for a modern, monochromatic look. Create an elegant and harmonious interior that is guaranteed to impress – time and time again.

Fresh, expressive and ultra chic.